Rob Howard

      Rob Howard


      “I’m a storyteller, and always have been.”

      I love people, and I love stories, so of course my favorite thing to do is to tell good stories about amazing people.

      Nothing fascinates me more than the mundane magic of everyday life, and I’ve discovered that everyone’s story is incredible in its own way. So whether you’re an art student in Paris, a cancer researcher in Houston, or a jewelry designer in Tokyo, I really want to tell your story.

      I bought my first camera at a pawnshop in downtown Toronto on a whim. Who knew that photography (both live action and stills) would be my magic carpet ride into a breathtaking life of constant adventure and creativity? I sure didn’t. But, that’s exactly what’s happened as I’ve enjoyed the good fortune of working with wonderful people from all walks of life in over 140 countries, and in all 50 states. The entire planet is my studio.

      I hold Canadian and American passports, and can make myself understood around the globe in French and Italian.

      Lisa Howard

      Lisa Howard

      Producer/Studio Manager

      “I’m a communicator, and always have been.”

      I love organizing, and I love pictures & design, so it was pretty natural for me to become a producer and studio manager. I also love to laugh which seems to come in handy as we amble around this planet.

      I graduated from the University of Toronto, but my real education has come from many years of production in the field. A move to New York City brought me into the world of fashion PR, but soon the more riveting world of photography beckoned and I’ve been fortunate to explore the globe through Rob’s lens as a producer, and creative partner.
      Over the years, I’ve helped to create photoshoots, at home and abroad, for clients such as IBM, AT&T, Motorola, Bank of America, MetLife, and Condé Nast Traveler. In the studio, I manage the RH archives.

      I hold Canadian and Estonian/ EU passports, a green card for the United States, and have found that smiling while gesticulating is the quintessential international language.

      Together, we’re The Howards.

      Together, we’re The Howards.

      We’ve been told that we’re a solid team of listeners that can skillfully draw out what clients are hoping to achieve, from both a pragmatic standpoint (minding the shot list) to a conceptual point of view (capturing the nuances through casting, wardrobe, props, vibe, and those magical in-between moments).

      Our mission is to create fresh, authentic, meaningful content that promotes diversity, equity and inclusion all around the world, while having fun doing it.

      We live between New York and California with our bossy, but lovable Maine Coon cats, Henry and Lion.